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Fuck the TSA. - Tulgey Wood
January 24th, 2013
03:37 pm


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Fuck the TSA.

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Date:March 6th, 2013 02:22 am (UTC)
Robin and to all who were victimized by the TSA--REPORT THEM TO THE HUMAN RIGHTS DIVISION OF THE FBI. TSA abuses need to be brought to court. My husband's coat was stolen yesterday during one of their checks. They completely denied that keeping property safe from theft is part of "Safety." Questions like "what if the passenger in front of another passenger was delayed in x-rays, etc--which eventually resulted in theft of property? I told them that the U.S. Courts will address their abuse--they ALL had the gall to laugh in front of the other passengers. I also told them that they were abusing power. And of course, they abused it even more--the manager ordered me and my husband to go to another screening even if we had pass the first one. (They said that we should have watched the video--but I said that we had a plane to catch--noting their lack of integrity and lack of responsibility--I do not trust them to expedite the process of finding the culprit in the video in time for us to catch the plane.) The Honolulu Manager said that she will put a flag on my name for being upset. I was upset at her because her agent said I have no right--he didn't say anymore--I guess he meant I have no right as a citizen. But using common sense what else did he mean? Did he mean that they are ALL POWERFUL AT THE HONOLULU AIRPORT AND PASSENGERS HAVE NO RIGHT? This is symptomatic of the thinking of abusive people. Had they told me that they will watch the film and contact me later, I would have been greatly appeased. Yes, I have their names and you bet, I will be calling the FBI Human Rights Division tomorrow. The TSA supervisor of the Honolulu airport overstepped the line when she said that she will put a "flag" on my name for being upset because my husband's coat was stolen. It's about time bad TSA guys are held responsible for abusive behavior. They should never be promoted and in positions of power. Think of what will happen to the children and the future. Of course, there are good TSA agents--and we should encourage them---but NOT these "nazi" one who get a high out of their conceived notion of personal power simply because they have not yet been held accountable before the media and a court of law. There are good TSA supervisors, like the African American man who helped me in Georgia and the white woman who was also very nice because I uneasy about the scanners since I've had three biopies.

You know, with so good and disciplined American Veterans who have returned from the Afghanistan and Iraq war, it's about time that bad TSA agents are fired and taught a lesson. Good soldiers are polite and courteous. They are also disciplined not to provoke passengers who are already stressed out and with medical conditions like high blood pressure, to say the least. Why can't they do that? PLEASE REPORT THEM TO THE HUMAN RIGHTS DIVISION OF THE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT. WE NEED GOOD GUYS IN THE TSA, not people who exhibit behaviors similar to that of Ilse Koch (the bitch of Buchenwald). Let's stop them before they get promoted. Because our children will suffer the consequences in a few years.
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