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Fuck the TSA. - Tulgey Wood
January 24th, 2013
03:37 pm


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Fuck the TSA.

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Date:February 14th, 2013 04:40 pm (UTC)
@elatedcont Are you seriously comparing toothpaste tubes to invasive procedures used by TSA agents when refusing to submit to a body scanner? This is definitely a violation of our rights as American citizens. It should not be permitted without a search warrant. It is one more step toward a police state. It's like a frog in a pan of water. Keep turning up the heat while it doesn't realize what's happening and eventually he's fried. You absolutely must continue to fight the "system." We the people need to be governing our officials, not the other way around. I never submit to body scanners. They are absolutely ridiculous. I've been told so many times by TSA agents, ah, it's really nothing, just walk through. I've also been purposely delayed for my flights because of refusing. In fact, two agents told me they found explosive residue on my hands. What a flipn joke. JUST to keep me from reaching my flight on time as a punishment for refusing the scanner. Of course, they eventually said, Nah, I guess your hands are clean. TSA/Homeland Security. Ugh. If this country (Defense Dept.) can't keep planes from flying into obviously targeted buildings WITH the government having had SERIOUS INTEL about the nature of the impending "attacks", how the heck do you think Joe Blow off the street, hired as TSA is truthfully going to stop terrorism. Honestly, I am just floored that you excused their lack of protocol by saying that since she was irate they may have thought she was trying to bypass screening. She gave them several options, made several requests and was treated horrendously. And to think we bailed out the airlines.
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