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Fuck the TSA. - Tulgey Wood
January 24th, 2013
03:37 pm


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Fuck the TSA.

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Date:January 26th, 2013 05:44 am (UTC)
HI, i came here via Google Plus so pardon me for now knowing you from Livejournal. Sorry this has happened to you, it sucks, and yes more warning, would of been nice. The xray isnt an xray though, not in the traditional sense, most are backscatter xrays. It works like a mirror, bounces off of A to give a veiw of B, in this case you, it doesnt have direct contact, other ones are millimeter xrays. But in any case the ones being used, you get a ton more radiation from flying itself, than from the scanner. Now their conduct and lack of instruction, for all of this is not good in any way. But its not good to say, either that anyone was scanned wiht the metal detector, but not hand checked, if the full body scanner isnt being used both need to be done. A metal detector alone will miss things. And contrary to common belief, lots and lots of items are found daily, knives, guns, explosives etc. But very few are openly reported, they are reported to different government agencies, but unless something big happens, that somehow slipped through. It doesnt go to the news. The reason for this, isnt to hide it from the public, but much moreso, they are afraid if all of it was openly reported ppl would be scared and simply completely stop flying. Some of the things that may seem ridiculous arent, such as toothpaste, and alcohols that have a high proof. Toothpaste tubes are often used to hold plastic explosives, as for alcohol past a certain proof, its highly flamable, and has been known to commonly explode and catch on fire after a certain altitude. All of that aside, their conduct wasnt justified, some explanations should of happened etc.You were irate and yes you had reason to be, but generally speaking, when ppl yell...what happens? Generally imaginary earplugs go in, so ppl can tune you out. After a certain point they may have thought you were throwing a fit simply to bypass protocol, and so they tossed you out. Im not saying its right, its not, but im curious how all of this was interpreted from the other passengers or anyone else who was there.....i wasnt there so its hard to have an opinion either way.
Date:February 5th, 2013 11:08 pm (UTC)
Get your science in order, there. It's not the amount of radiation you have to worry about, it's the type. A lot of alpha radiation is harmless, a tiny bit of gamma is fatal. The xray machines are bathing everyone in the room with ionizing radiation... ionizing radiation will definitely cause cancer. Not 100% of the time to 100% of the people exposed, but with 100% certainty that it will happen given enough opportunity... and the TSA has had the opportunity to irradiate millions of people everyday and many among the TSA irradiate themselves all day every day. The reason the xray machines are being removed now has nothing to do with how poorly they perform (the terahertz machines are equally ineffective) but due directly to their *already* causing various forms of cancer among TSA employees... and it's far too early to see the real impact yet. Despite only a very low percentage of people showing symptoms so early, TSA employees are already at a much greater risk of developing assorted cancers than the general population. Ref: https://takingsenseaway.wordpress.com/2013/01/03/letter-from-a-former-screener/
Now, the t-ray scanners are a completely undocumented technology when it comes to human physiology. Maybe they are safe, it's tough to say, and it's foolish to believe the TSA will say anything truthful. What we do know is that these scanners operate on terahertz wave frequencies. Are you familiar with how a microwave oven works? The use gigahertz wave energy to vibrate water molecules, which causes them to heat up, which then cooks whatever you want to have for a snack. Microwave ovens are gigahertz scanners. Terahertz scanners operate on a smaller level... they cause your DNA to vibrate, just like a microwave does to water. While I can't say that is bad for you, and can say I will absolutely refuse to allow anyone to do that to me. Would you stand in a microwave oven if the TSA asked you to? They deliver less radiation while cooking a pizza puff than you'll get on your plane flight... but again it's the type of radiation that you should worry about, not the quantity.
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Date:February 14th, 2013 04:40 pm (UTC)
@elatedcont Are you seriously comparing toothpaste tubes to invasive procedures used by TSA agents when refusing to submit to a body scanner? This is definitely a violation of our rights as American citizens. It should not be permitted without a search warrant. It is one more step toward a police state. It's like a frog in a pan of water. Keep turning up the heat while it doesn't realize what's happening and eventually he's fried. You absolutely must continue to fight the "system." We the people need to be governing our officials, not the other way around. I never submit to body scanners. They are absolutely ridiculous. I've been told so many times by TSA agents, ah, it's really nothing, just walk through. I've also been purposely delayed for my flights because of refusing. In fact, two agents told me they found explosive residue on my hands. What a flipn joke. JUST to keep me from reaching my flight on time as a punishment for refusing the scanner. Of course, they eventually said, Nah, I guess your hands are clean. TSA/Homeland Security. Ugh. If this country (Defense Dept.) can't keep planes from flying into obviously targeted buildings WITH the government having had SERIOUS INTEL about the nature of the impending "attacks", how the heck do you think Joe Blow off the street, hired as TSA is truthfully going to stop terrorism. Honestly, I am just floored that you excused their lack of protocol by saying that since she was irate they may have thought she was trying to bypass screening. She gave them several options, made several requests and was treated horrendously. And to think we bailed out the airlines.
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